The Nordic Exceptionalism

The Nordic Exceptionalism

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The Vikings were often depicted with winged helmets and in different clothing taken from Classical antiquity, particularly in depictions of Norse gods. This was done to legitimise the Vikings and their mythology by associating it with the Classical world, which had long been idealised in European tradition. The Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League are so-named owing to the big Scandinavian population in the US state of Minnesota. Since the Nineteen Sixties, there has been rising enthusiasm for historic reenactment.


Because the representations overseas had been appointed by the Swedish authorities and principally staffed with Swedes, the Union was usually seen by foreigners as functioning like a single state quite than two sovereign states. Over time, nonetheless, it grew to become much less common to check with the union as “Sweden” and as a substitute to jointly reference it as “Sweden and Norway”.


The chapter concludes that “current evidence just isn’t conclusive” and an announcement that the causes for the low life satisfaction levels may be that for richer countries, having children is valued less, and in poorer countries, folks endure in monetary and time prices once they have kids. The variations and distrust of those early years gradually turned less pronounced, and Charles John’s increasingly accommodating attitude made him more in style. After riots in Stockholm within the fall of 1838, the king discovered Christiania extra convivial, and while there, he agreed to several calls for.

The Nordic countries have comparatively flat tax rates, which means that even these with medium and low incomes are taxed at relatively excessive ranges. A partnership between employers, commerce unions and the government, whereby these social partners negotiate the terms to regulating the workplace among themselves, somewhat than the phrases being imposed by law.

In Paviken, an necessary centre of commerce within the Baltic area through the ninth and tenth centuries, remains have been discovered of a giant Viking Age harbour with shipbuilding yards and handicraft industries. Between 800 and one thousand, commerce brought an abundance of silver to Gotland, and according to some scholars, the Gotlanders of this period hoarded more silver than the remainder swedish single ladies of the population of Scandinavia mixed. The adventures of those Swedish Vikings are commemorated on many runestones in Sweden, such because the Greece Runestones and the Varangian Runestones. There was also considerable participation in expeditions westwards, that are commemorated on stones such because the England Runestones. The last main Swedish Viking expedition seems to have been the ill-fated expedition of Ingvar the Far-Travelled to Serkland, the region south-east of the Caspian Sea.

The population within the Nordic international locations is getting older and based on the inhabitants projection for the Nordic nations as an entire, the share of the inhabitants above the age of eighty will reach 8.4 per cent in 2040, as compared to the 2013 level of 4.7 per cent. The increase in the share of individuals above the age of eighty over the past 10 years is partly due to the truth that the demise fee has fallen for almost all age groups and partly that the variety of births has been low during the identical interval. In the subsequent 25 years, the demographic dependency ratio is predicted to have the strongest progress in Finland and Åland.

The shells have been used for dyeing, and it is assumed that the nuts have been consumed. Men and girls of the Jarls have been nicely groomed with neat hairstyles and expressed their wealth and status by wearing costly garments (typically silk) and properly crafted jewelry like brooches, belt buckles, necklaces and arm rings. Almost all of the jewellery was crafted in particular designs unique to the Norse (see Viking art). Finger rings were seldom used and earrings were not used at all, as they had been seen as a Slavic phenomenon. Most Karls expressed similar tastes and hygiene, however in a extra relaxed and cheap method.

The proposals of a joint committee with regard to flags and arm had been enacted for both nations. A union mark was placed within the canton of all flags in both nations, combining the flag colors of both countries, equally distributed. The two international locations obtained separate, but parallel flag techniques, clearly manifesting their equality.

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Indirectly, the Vikings have additionally left a window open onto their language, tradition and actions, through many Old Norse place names and words discovered in their former sphere of affect. Some of these place names and phrases are still in direct use today, virtually unchanged, and make clear the place they settled and what particular places meant to them. Viking influence can be evident in ideas like the current-day parliamentary body of the Tynwald on the Isle of Man.

On 10 February, Christian Frederik invited distinguished Norwegians to a meeting to be held at his pal Carsten Anker’s property at Eidsvoll to debate the state of affairs. He informed them of his intent to withstand Swedish hegemony and claim the Norwegian crown as his inheritance. But at the emotional Eidsvoll session, his advisors satisfied him that Norway’s claim to independence should somewhat be primarily based on the precept of self-willpower, and that he should act as a regent in the intervening time. Back in Christiania on 19 February, Christian Frederik proclaimed himself regent of Norway.

In up to date well-liked tradition, blonde women are stereotyped as being more sexually engaging to men than women with other hair colours. For instance, Anita Loos popularized this idea in her 1925 novel Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

They show an off-centre cross with the intersection nearer to the hoist, the “Nordic cross”. Greenland and Sápmi have adopted flags without the Nordic cross, however they each function a circle which is positioned off-centre, just like the cross. List of nations by previous and future inhabitants provides 1950, 2000, and 2050 populations while yr 2100 information is supplied by the United Nations[citation wanted]. Since 25 March 2001, the Schengen acquis has totally utilized to the 5 international locations of the Nordic Passport Union (apart from the Faroe Islands). There are some areas in the Nordic Passport Union that give additional rights for Nordic citizens, not lined by Schengen, similar to much less paperwork if moving to a different Nordic nation and fewer necessities for naturalisation.

The insurance policies of the Nordic international locations with respect to cultural life, mass media and religion have many shared values and features in widespread. However, some differences may be pointed out and for example cultural establishments arising from historic circumstances.

In Transparency International’s 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden had been ranked among the prime 10 least corrupt of the 167 countries evaluated. For a period between the 1980s and the Nineties, Norway underwent more neoliberal reforms and marketization than Sweden throughout the same time frame, with the standard foundations for supporting the “social democratic compromise” being particular to Western capitalism between 1945 and 1973. The ideological basis of the Swedish “prosperous society” rested on a common welfare state providing citizens with economic security while concurrently selling social solidarity, representing a break with earlier notions of selective welfare provision in Sweden.

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